Game show fans unite

Bullseye GroupIt would be unfair to call me a game show fan because I believe I’m more of a fanatic than a fan-although the difference between these is just four letters. But my confidence with game shows would not be as high up the roof as it is, were it not for my team members.

Call me a Game Nerd...

Nooooo, not that ‘Angry’ one who makes funny videos, I’m your modern game show enthusiast who works as an assistant writer. My team is composed of people with varying backgrounds, talents and ages. I’m also the youngest in our team being the website editor of major Game show websites and well, therefore, my skills are to be tested to their limits. I try to answer all the tough questions, the hardest is how to make everything work with everyone involved.

Hey there- I’m Al B. Hustler- A real Game Show Fanatic, and Lead Site Writer.

My favorite saying is: “when you know you know”, and there’s no doubt I’m at the top of my game when it comes to knowledge of lots of TV game shows. I’ve got most of the energy of the team, but I have to admit- age is catching up with me. Most older game show fans are quick to tell you what the hit show “Bullseye” was all about, but really its’ one of the top-rated if you’re into UK-based TV game shows.

Frenzied Frank: Is a Modern-Day Game Show Fan and Assistant Site Writer

Frenzied Frank isn’t pulling a fast one but he does sacrifice a lot of things for game shows and if he asked to sacrifice more he would do so without a blink. He knows all the tips and tricks of winning modern game show auditions; but more interestingly, he actively like to go to Game show auditions himself.

Veteran Vinnie- Retired Game Show Host and Contributing Writer

He has been one of the greatest comedians to grace local tv shows through the Tri-states since the 70’s, and with that, you would think he’s ripe for his age. But alas! He is still as good a writer as he was a guest or host, smoke in his eyes notwithstanding. We chaff him about lingering around for the last 30 years, but deep down we are grateful that he Is- because the intensity of every game show pun is still found in this “veteran” team member.

The collective experiences of all my team members are more valuable than any book or information website that a potential game show contestant would need. The most popular game shows today like Bullseye and Taskmaster hold their unique moniker. While I don’t have to worry about the ongoing popularity of Bullseye and others like it, we’re confident our team of game show fans are still growing even though the shows were off-the-air long long ago. Bet then again- let us know if you agree or disagree. We want to know your opinion either way.


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