Biggest Hall of Fame Players on Bullseye

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When Jim Bowen, the famed presenter of Bullseye TV game show who graced our screens in the 1980’s and 90’s died back in 2011, hundreds of fans and admirers poured tributes on social media. For years, he dutifully presented the show that brought together legends of the darts game and other famous personalities. But little did people know that one of the achievements of Bowen was that he hosted some of the most famous people on his show. From famous sports personalities to other cultural icons, here is a list of the biggest Hall of Fame players on Bullseye.

Perhaps one of the most famous people who appeared on the Bullseye TV game show was Henry Cooper. Cooper, the seasoned UK heavyweight boxer who was known for his vicious fights with Muhamad Ali, once appeared on the Bullseye show back in 1984. At that time, Cooper had already retired from professional boxing. Apart from appearing on Bullseye, Cooper also featured in other leading game shows at the time. The most notable game show that he appeared on was 'A Question for Sport.'

Apart from Henry Cooper, another famous person who has appeared on the Bullseye game show is Sarah Cawood. Cawood is no stranger to the media, having worked as a TV show host and actress for several years before quitting to concentrate on raising her children. Many remember her hosting favorite shows such as Live & Kicking on MTV and the Girlie Show. Back in the day, she appeared on the show as a special guest. Her unusual appearance on the show led to the ratings of Bullseye to soar, thanks to her charm and celebrity status.

If Sarah Cawood’s appearance on the show provided grace, then that of George Best, the Manchester United soccer legend, gave the much-needed flair. Best was the epitome of a celebrity lifestyle: women, alcohol, and more money. He once said that back in 1969, he gave up on booze and women. Later, he said that the decision only lasted for 20 minutes that he regretted deciding on the first place. In 1984, he appeared on the show as a celebrity thrower. Viewers were enthralled by his characteristic flamboyance and humor more than his performance as a thrower on the show.

In the 1983 Christmas special edition of the Bullseye TV gameshow, Anna Margaret Diamond, commonly known as Anna Diamond, appeared as a guest. Anna had been a regular feature on various radio and TV programs. She had co-hosted a famous morning show on BBC-1 for long at the time. Anna had also worked as a columnist for the Daily Mail and a host show presenter for TV-am. She appeared on the show together with Judith Hann and Ann Aston, who are other famous personalities.

Lastly, Mike Reid, the famous British comedian, is another iconic personality who appeared on the Bullseye show. Reid, known for his role as a comedian in EastEnders and Runaround, graced the show with his humor and heavy accent back in 1981. Many other famous personalities appeared on the Bullseye TV game show. The appearance of the celebrities on the show helped them to be among the biggest Hall of Fame players on Bullseye. However, suffice to say that Mike Reid, Sarah Cawood, Anna Diamond, Henry Cooper, and George Best are some of the leading Hall of Fame players on Bullseye.