The best hosts you’ve ever known from Bullseye

Tony Green ABullseye is a British game with a dart theme that was first aired on television in 1981. One distinct feature of the show is that it had an animated mascot that was named bully. The game had five rounds namely category round, pounds for points, charity interlude, bully’s prize board and bully’s star prize gamble. The different stages involved doing different tasks: The first round was the category round which had the players throwing darts at the board. The board had various segments which had different questions and points that each player would get depending on where the darts landed. The players who would win the ultimate cash price was the one whose dart hit the bull’s eye.

Round 2 was pounding for points which entailed the players throwing darts at the board enabling them to convert the points they have gotten to pounds by answering a general question. The team with the highest points after three rounds proceeded to the next level. The game would go on until the last stage where the winners would win a star prize which would mostly be a car, speed boats or a holiday.

The television program has had a number of hosts and co-hosts during its time. Some of the top 5 hosts of the program were Jim Bowen, he was known to be a comedian and loved the host of the Bullseye program in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He hosted the original version of the Bullseye game since its inception in its 1980’s but passed on in 2012 at the age of 80 yrs. After he came another set of hosts called Ant and Dec who was an English Duo from England. They hosted the first series of the game show marathon of the Bullseye program in 2005; the second series was hosted by Vernon Kay in 2007. In 2006 the program had Dave Spikey was chosen to host a revived version of the bullseye program, the show ran on Channel TV but it yielded unfavorable reviews. Some other hosts who tried to host the show were Cilla Black and Paul O’Grady.

Some of the top co-hosts of the bullseye television program are Tony Green who was a referee/scorekeeper from 1982-1995, 2005, 2006, and 2007. His experience of him being a former player made him a great announcer and co-host. Another known co-host in bullseye is Nick Owen. He was a narrator for the dart show that was hosted by Jim Bowen. The American program is currently aired on Fox and is hosted by an action star named Kellan Lutz and a comedian called Godfrey Danchimah. Kellan Lutz has also featured in prominent movies and TV series such as Twilight saga and Immortals.

Bullseye is real and it invites people from all walks of life from 70-year-olds, high-school lecturea,students and different professionals. It has also evolved very widely from the conventional dartboard game to everything such as being lifted by a helicopter having to avoid fireballs while hitting targets to trying to hit the target with a baseball bat while balancing on semi-truck.